I am an Organisational Development Consultant

Nowadays, one of the companies' major expectation is to putting time-consuming HR processes on a digital basis, that is digital transformation. Switching to digital funds saves a lot of time for HR professionals, so they can focus on value-creating tasks.


OCCUPATOS is a GDPR compatible software, which is supporting HR digital transformation. Our system digitizes existing HR data and uses new built-in test methods to quickly and efficiently process performance and other human resources management data and values. All of the information is stored in one place and our data management is completely safe. OCCUPATOS is also available on a subscription basis, so you do not have to plan a large investment to use the system.

HR Digitalization

OCCUPATOS provides records of employees' data, the preparation of unified job descriptions in accordance with the legal and corporate regulations, and dynamically follows the position of the employee within the organisation and in case of organisational changes as well. You can access your employee data at any time, easily and quickly from anywhere. The transition is problem-free, if you require it, we provide the opportunity of reception of the information stored in an existing HR system.


OCCUPATOS shows graphically the organisational structure and the project organisation based on the employees’ and the job description’s data. The system provides dynamic display and builds hierarchy from current data.

Performance Review

An automated performance evaluation process can apply to all employees of a company, a specific organisation, or a specific project. OCCUPATOS allows to develop and use the company’s competence and KPI system, and their use to create job descriptions, performance evaluation and instructions. We provide trainings to learn the use of the software, and we will support organisational development activities with experts during the training period.

Questionnaires and Queries

With OCCUPATOS, there is an opportunity for a 360-degree evaluation of the employee and probation worker, which is possible with the internal colleagues' evaluations and with the involvement of external partners as well. The summary report contains the appropriate metrics, and the report can be saved for the related campaigns and always retrievable. The performance of each employee group can be compared with the help of objective indicators.

Organisation Development

We know that automate the HR activities is not a simple task. In cooperation with our organisation developer partners, we can help the automation of both the part tasks and the entire system. Our services can be tailored to one particular area (for example 360-degree surveys, performance evaluation, compilation of a competence map) or globally (including digitization).

Software support for organisation development projects.
Digitized employee data, evaluations, analyzes.
Motivation: Continuous feedback for the employees and the managers.
High availability. High level of data security. There is no IT operating cost.